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Get To Know The Various Types Of Fabrics

The clothes we wear everyday are made of travel malang juanda some type of fabric/material. Each other have different functions and characteristics. Below are described several types of fabrics that are commonly used in Indonesia as basic materials makers of apparel/clothes.

Cotton Fabric (Cotton)

Cotton fabric (Cotton) is a type of fabric knitting (knitting) are made from cotton fiber. One of the characteristics of cotton cloth is in a cotton cloth is burned then it smelled like paper or wood is burned and will become ashes. Cotton cloth is a type of fabric that is comfortable to wear because it has several advantages such as: easy-to-absorb sweat, not shriveled or tangled when in wash, do not wear off for colored materials, easy on the sablon, and not hairy.

Cloth PE (Poly Esther)

This fabric is known by the trade name Dacron, Terylene, Tetoron, Trivera. The fabric is a fabric PE class were under cotton, polyester thread is essentially the material. For the fabric of the shirt made of PE shape and texture is almost similar to fabric t-shirts made of cotton (Cotton). The easy way to tell the difference is similar to the PE fabric in burnt then it smells like burned plastic, the fire quickly and will be charcoal.

Advantages: cheap, polyester fabrics are resistant to solvents and organic chemical washing/dry cleaning, as well as having excellent resistance against bacteria and fungi.

Weaknesses: on some types of PE for material of this cloth, shirt-prone shriveled when washed and easy to wear off. On the types of PE for sweaters, usually rather hairy after being washed several times.

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Is fabric made of silk or rayon synthetic fiber cotton. to make it required special how to weave. Although this material is sometimes a bit hot for chiffon material used, but provides a charming and luxurious sensation on the wearer.


Brocade or brocade, derived from the word broccato meaning embroidered fabric, a type of fabric that always presents his charm alone when used. Luxury and elegant impression ever directly radiated through the choice of clothing made from brocades. Luxury and charm in brocade fabric makes this one often used for important moments like wedding dresses. This time not only wedding dresses or evening dresses are decorated with a touch of brocades, but also for other fashion items ranging from superiors, subordinates, shoes, and accessories.

Fabric Lacoste

Is the fabric of the type of material used to make t-shirts POLO/collar/Wangki.


In addition to this, the/Nylon Polymide, also known as: trilobal or antron, rislan, nomex, perlon, caprolan and amilan, and more. This fabric has the strength and elasticity and excellent resilience, prisoners against fungi, bacteria and insects. However, this material has a shortage i.e. damp low absorbance. Nylon can be washed with SOAP and alkali resistant to chemical washing/dry cleaning. The nylon material is not resistant to high heat, iron at a temperature of 180 ° C nylon start sticky and breaks down at a temperature of 230 ° C and melts at a temperature of 250 ° c.


Is the material to make a shirt. It is usually combined with the vest is made from Light Weight Wools.

Cashmere (Cashmere)

The name is taken from the name of cashmere Highlands of Kashmir in India. There are many there are goats who donated the wonderful fur fabric for this one. Color essence black, Brown and white, but through some process, currently the colour is more diverse. The famous cashmere comes from Mongolia and China, these materials are generally made very beautiful knitted and gives warmth.

Materials classified as luxury Cashmere, with Prime quality, and the price belongs to expensive. Increasingly often in the wash, this material will be more subtle, but note first, not just any washing because any done washing it with shampoo.


Also known by the term spandex. Lycra is a synthetic fibre types that are reputed to have better elasticity of the rubber. Lycra fabric can achieve the level of elasticity with the pull of up to 500%. This is because the Lycra/spandex made of polymer, containing polyurethane (a type of very pliable material). A nice spandex have pores that are able to absorb perspiration. Usually used for sports material.

Lycra is usually combined with other fabrics, because its content is only a few percent only. Has high elasticity, strong and has a high resistance rubbing.

Leather and Suede

Both of these materials are both made of leather. The difference is the origin of the leather, Leather made from the skin outward, while the Suede is created from the skin in.

Leather is made from the original animals such as crocodile skin, snake skin, cowhide leather, Buffalo skin, frogs and more. And there is a synthetic (man-made). All this leather requires special care, such as storing in a place that is not too moist to avoid moldy, keep the moisture of materials so that the skin is not broken and does not direct drying in the Sun. In addition a special way membersihkannyapun way, for example by using the lotion.

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Wool is made from processed wool. The material is quite heavy, warm and smooth. This material is commonly used as a coat, jacket, sweater or scarf. While the lightweight wool, as the name suggests, is the wool that is lighter, but still warm.


Sweat absorbent porous fabric is smooth like cotton. Generally used for material manufacture Clothes Basket.

Baby Terry

Baby terry fabric is fairly thick crusts, but subtle and not hairy. The inside was soft like a blanket. sweaters are usually use this type of fabric.


Is a somewhat slippery material, normally used in the manufacture of suits.


Often referred to as woven fabric, the canvas was thick and coarse material. Because it has a long lasting nature, then this cloth is commonly used for making jackets.

Loom (Woven)

Fabrics made from yarn with two penyilangan results the way in weaving/plaited. The characteristics of the material woven is can not be in drag.

Knit (Knitted)

Knit (Knitted) is a fabric made from yarns of trapping trapping-/mengaitkan threads with thread, often called a knit fabric. You can drag or elastic is the hallmark of this fabric

Rayon Viscose

Semi synthetic fibers are Rayon, Viscose had comfort in wearing very well on a variety of conditions due to the nature of raw material that is wood that has high levels of cellulose.


Fabric that has a long history, known also with jeans, it includes the kind of strong, durable and indestructible by the time of starting the discovery until now. This jeans material used ranging from superiors, subordinates, shoes, bags, and various other interesting accessories.

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Beautiful Fabric is wrinkled. Linen (flax) is a material made from fibers of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). Typically used to make clothing. Linen is often used in making clothing and tablecloths.


This type of fabric is very easy to be known, that is, on its surface is shiny and the tow, but there are also two sides shiny as satin de Lyon. Gloss satin derived from silk material used. A typical penenunnya techniques resulted in the existence of interlacing is very minimal on the fabric. Satin is commonly used to make baseball jacket, pants, boxer shorts, athlete ball gown, wedding dresses, lingerie, shirts, neckties, bags (particularly in the form of clutch), as well as shoes.

5 important things in Using a Microwave Oven

Cooking using microwave oven (microwave ketuhar) is kitchen set malang one way to cook a quick and practical, because dishes can be easily and quickly diasjikan. But in cooking, there are some important things to note in order for the food stay healthy and free of bacterial contamination.

The following five important things to look for in used the microwave oven so that the microwave is not fast food and stay healthy.

1. do not heat up baby food-BREAST MILK that is heated by way of put into a microwave oven will be mengkakibatkan textures can be thickened and will lose nutrients. not only is BREAST MILK, dairy or food of any kind should not heated in the microwave.

2. Make sure the Non-Microbial Food according to some research, that microbes can die with a minimum temperature of 70 degrees C, therefore in the food dipansakan in the microwave should really pass the temperature, be sure to also heat evenly to all parts of the food.

3. Notice When frozen food Pelumeran Process-make sure to open the pembungkusnya in advance when you want to melt the frozen food in the microwave. To prevent the incidence of brown spots on the surface of the food, you should remove the frozen food from the microwave used to be before the food starts warms up.

4. do not Overheat-in cooking using microwave should avoid the use of a temperature too hot. For mengantisipasainya, you can use wide mouthed container so that there is no warming and excess steam.

5. Do not overcook heats up-with too long heat food in the microwave to result in food being somewhat browned and crusty surface. It can ruin the appearance of the food, otherwise it can can also result in the loss of food nutrients.

Tips Use Fridge In Order To Save Electricity

The possibility cannot be denied that the refrigerator is one of the electronic equipment that consumes electricity is large enough, this is due to several factors, among which is that refrigerators are used all the time, always connected to electricity in an "on"/menyala.

To answer consumer complaints in borosnya refrigerator in consuming electric energy, some companies with famous brands mencogba innovates, one of the technologies being introduced to save energy in the fridge, amongst other things, the Linear Compressor Refrigerator. With this technology then the refrigerator can save electricity by up to 41 percent compared to the previous generation-made refrigerators.

Linear Compressor Refrigerator is a linear compressor technology. The compressor works with movement direction, in contrast to the compressors in refrigerators in General who work with two-way movement. So produced with this technology is a refrigerator which managed to save energy.

There is also a producer who claimed that his fridge that use one door only consume power of 22 Watts. .

Other products pulled out refrigerator energy saving by using the power of the inverter according to needs and to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. In addition refrigerator freon-free products claimed to be environment-friendly.

Recently also developed the compressor can save more energy. Development is done by reducing friction, compression, optimize and increase efficiency.

Some manufacturers are also trying other ways. For example, by innovating the system of open close door to make sure there is not going to cool the energy waste.

How to conserve electricity to refrigerator at home:

So don't be too often/long opened the doors of the refrigerator, because it will cause the performance of compressors increased so that electricity consumption will increase also. For every minute you open the door of the fridge, on the need for a full three minutes to restore the energy of refrigerator temperature to the desired temperature.
Make sure the door of the refrigerator is always tightly closed, for mengakalinya, you can put a wooden board under the feet of the front of the fridge, so the refrigerator is at a position leaning back, this will cause the refrigerator door is always shut down by itself.
Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator as needed.
Do not include the food and drinks are still hot into the fridge, as it will make the refrigerator work harder to cool it which consequently electricity consumption so large anyway.
Place your refrigerator away from a heat source such as a stove or oven. Give a distance of at least 5 to 7 cm from the walls, so that air can freely circulate around it.
Place the food in a container that small, when not using the containers try size food or drinks in a small ukuiran all, smaller sizes requires less energy to cool it.
Arrange the contents of the refrigerator with the right order appropriate allocation, for example meat or fish placed on the top shelf. In addition give the space between food or container so that the cold air can flow freely.
Do not fill the fridge with a full/solid work since making the refrigerator less efficient.
Make sure the rubber cover around the door clean and meetings. Rubber cover is still good should be able to clamp a sheet of paper. If the paper can be easily drag, meaning it's time to replace the rubber cover.

Tips on choosing an energy-efficient refrigerator

The energy-efficient refrigerators usually have the Energy Star logo. This logo indicates that the model can save more energy efficient.
Notice the energy Guide. Some products have a distinctive sign. For example the freezer in the side (side-by-side) is better than a fridge with the freezer on top (freezer on top), and freezer with manual defrost-only energy consuming half of self-defosters.

If your fridge has been more than 10 years old, consider buying a new refrigerator. Because technology is always evolving toward more good, neither with the refrigerator, with the passage of time, every manufacturer will replace its production with a more energy-efficient.

Tips On Choosing A Washing Machine

Household appliances this one badly needed by the mother house of tanga in helping ease the job at home. Especially for those who are busy and need a faster time in the wash. However, have in a household is selected the right washing machine type and whether it is correct in its use?

How to use less against mesi wash can make spending swell. It's not just a matter of utility bills but also a washing machine that is not durable a.k.a. not soon broken. Here are some tips in choosing a washing machine is recommended.

1. Select the type of washing machine with front load or front openings. This type can provide optimal results that claimed to have maximum performance technically. 70 percent of consumers of Indonesia indeed choosing a washing machine top load (opening up) two tubes.

In its action, the washing machine like this turned out to be washing clothes by means of twist and like membant1ng. How to wash like this is best assessed and provide optimal washing results. The use of any waters more sparingly, so did the rate of detergents that require only a little but provide maximum results. Drying clothes with the front opening washers are also more optimal.

Some lack a top load machine:

When washing with top load, you need large amounts of water.
The machine will work with begins to spin if the laundry inundated.
Washing machine top openings rely on power tools (spin) Player. On the washing machine openings on two tubes, for example, the higher the power the greater the spin drying. While the engine openings including types of tubes on a full auto. That is, the activity of washing, rinsing, drying even on just one tube.

2. You can only choose a washing machine at a bargain price or discount, provided that the use of the correct way to understand and choose special detergents for washing machines. Use of the washing machine according Handbook and use of detergent appropriate measure could save expenses. In general it can save detergent, water associated with electricity, as well as the cost of care washing machine. The use of good housekeeping also memepengaruhi washing machine durability.

3. Choose energy-efficient washing machine, you can see the "energy star" logo found on the body of the washer. Washing machine tubes one belongs to the product with the most technological innovations offer. Power-saving technology ranging from, anti-bacterial to unique tube design to minimize damage to the delicate fabrics that are sensitive to work the washing machine.

Examples of some products that use energy-saving technologies:

LG direct drive inverter technology that utilizes the engine bergir to replace a work machine with spinning belt. With this technology, the machine can save electricity to about 25%.

LG is not the only innovator of the washing machine. Some manufacturers of washing machines, such as Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp and Sanken also apply electric-saving technology in its products. You name it, the technology of zero stepping value power from Toshiba. Reportedly this washing machine is claimed to be able to save up to 20% of electricity usage.

Sanken products using the technology of the electrical system is done by saving auto power off. This system allows the engine to disconnect the electricity flow automatically as soon as the machine finished work. There is also a Super Sharp of Aquamagic machine claimed it only took 199 Watts of electricity to operate. It is much more efficient than electric washing machine needs of his class.

There are many products offered to the manufacturer, you can freely choose according to your needs.

Extreme weather you encounter ready in Indonesia

Conditions are so extreme in indonesia resulted in some disaster happening in most cities in Indonesia such as floods, landslides, erosion, and others.

Such situations into which we often see in the tayangani national media such as television, internet as well as everyday conversation.

The existence of this extreme weather then we should be ready with all the risks that we face will probably overwrite our home furnishings, such as:

How to prevent flooding
How to deal with the floods came suddenly
How to dry the clothes wet season
How to care for electrical installation the House safe when the rainy season.
How to care for electronic equipment to keep it from rusting
How to overcome the walls moldy due to moist
How to troubleshoot mold on cabinets.

For those of you who travel often out should do some of these things:

When using the bike always bring raincoats, as rain to avoid passing through the streets full of puddles because it could have been behind the torrent there are holes that could result in You falling over.
Avoid passing through streets that have a heavy flow of water due to rain, what type of motorcycle you are matic, because this type of motor is easy to get carried away with the flow of the water ...
For vehicles such as cars, find alternative paths to avoid the traffic jam.
Always update the latest news regarding the State of traffic in your city.

This is the difference 12 Kg Lpg Gas, Bright, and Ease the Gas

After admin posts "confused with the exorbitant gas prices? This diaalternatifnya ", now we continue with similar themes while still while news about the tubes that are rising.

Perhaps readers already know that in addition to LPG gas 12 kg and 3 kg (subsidized) PT Pertamina has gas in the other tube i.e. Bright Gas and Ease the Gas which is a premium product.

Maybe on television already crowded preached about two tubes rather than foreign tube about 3 kg and 12 kg commonly used community.

Bright Gas and Ease in terms of content equal to 3 kg and 12 kg gas cylinders containing gases i.e., C3 (propane) and C4 (butane). of the many products of LPG market in particular issued Pertamina, in fact that distinguishes only the color tube, packaging and pricing as well as the weight of his Ministry.

The most striking difference from the tubes is that, the tube 12 Kg still subsidized Pertamina so cost much cheaper than Bright Gas. Especially for Bright Gas and Ease the Gas has several differences, including:

Ease The Gas Tube
Ease Of Gas:
-Color tube gold premium class
-Size of 9 kg and 14 kg
-To provide safety of two times better equipped with double spindle
-Message free

Tubes Of Bright Gas
Bright Gas:
-Has an interesting color: Pink, purple, metallic green, metallic blue
-Tube size is 12 kg
-Equipped Security Seal Cap/cover the more secure the tube tube
-Have a seat with double spindle technology and rubber protective tubes in order to hold the clash.
-Can be booked via phone 500-000 (cost between Rp 5,000)

MCB OFF because of Cheap energy-saving lamp is dead

This month I found some interest MCB at home often off/off by itself, after investigation it turned out that the cause is energy efficient lights installed konslet, lampstand depleted his lifetime risk of making konslet/short circuit.

Initially I was less concerned with such matters, but after several times I finally experienced it this experience for those with you who may be experiencing the same thing.

One moment, the sudden flow of electricity at the House of the dead, and then I check the MCB and looks OFF, and then I restart the MCB, but back OFF until several times.

I turn off a whole load of electricity such as refrigerator, TV, then I turn on the MCB, but still just back OFF. Then I tried to turn off the entire headlight, and then I restart the MCB, Alhamdulillah ... electric flow can be turned on.

To find out the cause of the konslet at home, I tried to turn on one by one the lights turned off, when I turn on the outside lights turned out MCB back OFF. It turns out that the cause is konslet the lights outside the House in the form of energy-saving lamps. After I replace the lamp, then the electricity is not konslet anymore.

Energy-saving lamp turns out low prices and a rich brand regam which many circulating on the market have a shortage i.e. If it does not light up/run out his lifetime then be the cause of konslet, on several occasions, the lights can also be detached from the cradle when it is off and the sound of explosions, unlike light bulb that just broke up and does not lead to konslet.

On a post this time I do not recommend you to switch to the other lamp model, but if there is a konslet in the House and confused what the cause, try to check the energy saving lights installed in your home.